Areas of Focus

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Libido & Sexual Health

Optimal Fertility

Pre-Pregnancy Detox

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Hormone Balance

Irregular Cycles & PMS

Adrenal Dysregulation


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Body balance

Gut Health

Thyroid Conditions



Mood Medicine





Our Tribe of Healers

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Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon

…a naturopathic doctor and educator. As an expert in root-cause medicine, I uncover the sources of hormonal, gut, and sex drive imbalances and empower motivated women to create a thriving and healthful life so they may bring their beautiful gifts into this world.

I am especially passionate about supporting women prior to pregnancy so that they are optimal and their future babies, families, and communities benefit from their health and lifestyle practices. This is the medicine that we need to heal the TRIBE.


Hi, I’m Sadie

…a positive mindset master. As an expert in shifting thoughts from judgement to joy, fear to faith, and lack to love, I mentor and guide change-makers and spiritual entrepreneurs who feel lost, alone, burned out, and out of balance regain their power, purpose, and positivity.

What I’m really passionate about is inspiring oneness in the self to create oneness with all. Together we can shift this world from lack to love.

When one heals, we all heal.
Healthy me = healthy we
— Tribe Medicine

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