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Healthy Eating During the Holidays

The holiday season is a wonderful time to celebrate and enjoy quality time with family and friends. It’s a time for love, laughter, joy and gratitude. It can also be filled with temptation and feelings of guilt. These next few months are often filled with events that may feel unmanageable at times. Here are some tips from Tribe Medicine on ways to stay healthy and nourished throughout the holidays!

Continue to Nourish Yourself With Well Balanced Meals

A well-balanced meal consists of a nutrient-dense carbohydrate (sweet potatoes, beets, butternut squash, carrots, etc.), leafy greens or other vegetables, a healthy plant or animal protein, and a healthy fat (avocados, nuts & seeds, olive oil, coconut oil).  Make sure these are the components of your plate not only before your holiday events but during them as well!  

Practice Mindful Eating

Before each meal, pause and take 3-5 deep belly breaths to aid in bringing your body into a state of relaxation where it can properly digest and absorb the nutrients you are about to provide it.  During this time, check in with your body and your appetite. Sometimes we eat when we feel emotional signals, such as sadness, stress, frustration, or boredom. Check in with yourself. Are you eating because of hunger which shows up as low energy, weakness, or your stomach growling. Or are you eating something as an attempt to cover up unwanted emotions.  Once you have recognized that you are eating for the right reasons, take a few moments to smell your food and consider looking at it the same way you would look at art or nature. Tune in and ask your stomach what volume of food would satisfy you. Check in with what food groups your body may be asking for. Pause and spend time being grateful for what you’re about to enjoy and for all of the components of the meal.  Recognize the value and nourishment in each bite you are providing yourself. It is important to remove and limit any distractions during mealtime. This means turning off cell phones, computers, and TV screens and being fully present to your meal and those around you. Chew each bite 20-25 times, set your fork down between bites, and take time to enjoy the flavors of your meal.

Create Healthy Food Alternatives

There are so many amazing healthy recipes on the internet these days! Swap out the buttery + creamy mashed potatoes for healthy mashed sweet potatoes.  Offer to bring a vegetable dish to a holiday event. Roasted vegetables with olive oil are always a hit at parties and an easy thing to prepare! Consider bringing an alternative dessert such as black bean brownies to a holiday dinner if you usually avoid gluten, dairy, or any other food that doesn’t allow you to feel your best. That way you get to partake in dessert no matter what is being served. 

Check out our fall favorite: Gluten Free, Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

Fill Most of Your Plate With Nutrient Dense Foods

 When choosing what to put on your holiday plate, think about the components of a healthy meal that were mentioned earlier.  Fill your plate with nutrient dense foods first, aiming for 80% of it being colorful vegetables. Choose items that you know will provide cellular energy and keep you feeling good throughout the day.

Take 20 Before Taking Seconds 

Our body has the ability to communicate with our mind, it will send signals of satiation to our brain once we are full.  This can take up to twenty minutes, which is why we often find ourselves overeating. Give your brain a chance to catch up to your body and slow down eating.  Before enjoying seconds take 20 minutes to allow your body to digest. Walk around, make conversation, drink some water, and then recheck your appetite. You most likely will realize you aren't hungry or you’ll want a smaller portion.  

We hope this information allows you to navigate your holiday season with a little more ease and that the events you will be attending feel more manageable!

Happy Holiday Season from Tribe Medicine!

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Moon Medicine: Hormones & Cycles

“Traditionally, the Moontime is the sacred time of a woman when she is honored as a Mother of the Creative Force. During this time she is allowed to release the old energy her body has carried and prepare for reconnection to the Earth Mother’s fertility that she will carry in the next Moon or month. Our Ancestors understood the importance of allowing each woman to have her Sacred Space during this time of reconnection, because women were the carriers of abundance and fertility…” - Jamie Sams

The female cycle is intimately connected to the moon cycle. Just like the moon & the sun, our physical & energetic bodies cycle monthly & yearly. The moon has particular influence over our monthly cycles and those cycles then impact and shift the energy of women around us. We truly are all connected. Moontime used to be a time when women would gather and nurture one another sharing wisdom, support, and honor for their bodies. In our modern society, many of us women are completely disconnected from our cycles. More common than not, our bodies have been influenced or altered by birth control, we are unaware of the phases of our cycle, our own fertility, and we often see “that time of the month” as the repetitively horrible, embarrassing, and annoying times in our lives.

There is no doubt that birth control was revolutionary for women. Many of the sisters who came before us fought with everything they had so that we had the choice to work and conceive, if and when we wanted. In modern day, electricity and artificial light (at all times of the day), lack of women’s circles and wisdom from our elders have all contributed to a loss of the natural connection between ourselves, our bodies, and the moon.

In the workshop I am leading on March 3rd, Moon Medicine: Hormones & Cycles, we will explore the medicine of the moon. We will learn how to naturally sync our cycles to the moon and how to use seed cycling and nourishing herbs to help guide your body back into its natural rhythm. We will learn how to listen to our bodies and pay attention to what needs to be healed, as well as learn natural remedies for common menstrual ailments.

This is also a time to honor the cycles of a woman’s life, from the beginning of womanhood to the transition and birth of a new self in peri-menopause and menopause. We will highlight the joys and struggles and the meanings behind the presence or absence of our Moontime at the different phases of life. This connection is what we are meant to share in as women, it’s the TRIBE that heals…this is Tribe Medicine.


If you feel called to work with me one-on-one I am accepting new patients on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays at my office at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla. If you resonate with Moon Medicine, I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, March 3rd! Sign up at the link below!


~ Dr. Gordon