The Faucet and Drain of Detox

Detoxing and cleansing is not just a fad idea, it’s actually incredibly important for your health. Toxins accumulate in our bodies from our environment, products, food, and thoughts, and these all contribute to our overall toxic load. There are also individualized factors that contribute to each person’s unique ability to process, detox, and get rid of the elements that do not serve us anymore. 

I like to use the analogy of a sink to explain detox simply. The water coming out of the faucet represents the input of toxins from our environment, products, food, thoughts, and everything in between. The drain in the sink represents our own unique ability to process, detox, and clear the junk. The flow of water is different for everyone; some people may have a slow drip of toxins coming in and some may have the faucet on full blast. Depending on how well someone’s detox processes are as well as their detox practices, their drain may be wide open or clogged. 

It's important to work on daily detox habits that keep your drain open such as sweating, breathing, drinking plenty of water, pooping daily, and practicing gratitude and positive self-talk. It's also just as important to reduce the flow of toxicity coming in by eating organic as much as possible, and choosing less-toxic persona care, cleaning, and cooking products.