The Process

Free 15 minute introductory consult

Dr. Gordon likes to speak with each potential patient during a free 15 minute consult over the phone. Since working with Dr. Gordon is a big commitment, she feels it is important to make sure it's a good fit for you and her before moving forward. Potential future patients can schedule this session here. 


new patient paperwork 

When you schedule an initial consult with Dr. Gordon, we will send you an email with a link to our new patient intake forms. These are all done electronically for the convenience of you and Dr. Gordon. Because we approach your concerns from many angles and are digging to uncover the root causes of your issues, we ask a lot of questions that many other practitioners may have never asked before. It's best if you can fill them out thoroughly to the best of your ability and finish them as promptly as possible, at least 72 hours prior to your initial appointment. 


initial visit

Unlike most doctor's visits, the first appointment with Dr. Gordon is usually 80 minutes because she wants to take the time to really understand you and your unique case. We are complex and complicated beings with years of experiences, traumas, habits, and imbalances. In order to figure out what is going on with your health, this time is needed. 

During that initial appointment she will integrate many different approaches based on her unique education and training, looking at you through various medical lenses. This includes traditional medical history and pertinent physical exams, a timeline of the important health determining factors in your life, mental/emotional components to your imbalances, and specific questions that will help guide which type of individualized treatment she feels is most appropriate. 


Lab work

Depending on what Dr. Gordon finds in your first appointment she will most likely need to run lab work. This could include anything from routine blood work to specialized blood labs, stool panels, genetic markers, urine or salivary tests to investigate specific concerns she may have. 


1st Follow Up Appointment

After your lab work has been processed, you will come back for a follow up appointment where Dr. Gordon will go over your test results and explain everything very clearly. You will have a chance to ask questions and determine together what the best plan will be moving forward. If you are a candidate for a homeopathic prescription, she may schedule a follow up appointment to ask additional questions to determine your own unique remedy.


Subsequent follow up appointments

Dr. Gordon will let you know when she will want to see you for additional follow ups. It varies for every patient and she is open to in person as well as phone appointments for follow ups. It is often every 3-6 weeks for the first few months of working together, and less often once you are in a maintenance plan.


Cancellation Policy

Appointments can be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled time. Appointments cancelled within 48 hours of your appointment will be charged full price with the card on file and you will have 30 calendar days to redeem the paid visit.  

Missed appointments with no prior cancellation or rescheduling by the start time of your original appointment (ie. no-shows) are charged full price with no refund or redeemable option.


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