Tribe Medicine

Tribe medicine: Healing individuals heals the tribe

I am incredibly passionate about empowering women and men to live healthier lives. Our health not only affects us but also our children, future children, partners, and families through shifts in epigenetics. The people we become through our healing and the choices we make every single day spreads to our communities...our tribe...and this has the power to make this world a happier, healthier, and more loving place. This is TRIBE MEDICINE. I am committed to your healing so that you can live the life you have imagined and you are able to pursue your dreams, passions, and life purpose without your health getting in the way. Your dream may be to start a family, start a company, give back to the planet, enjoy your children or grandchildren, explore the world, or perhaps just be happy and at peace. Whatever you are living for, my hope for you is that your health is not the obstacle preventing it. Through individual healing, we all heal.


Tribe Medicine: Using connection as medicine

As a collective, many of us are lonely. Loneliness has been shown to lead to more suffering and pain than almost anything else in the world. In today's society, technology has made us more interconnected than ever before, but many of us still feel lonely, even in a crowded room. We have an illusion of a TRIBE, but it may be just that: an illusion. We are missing honest, deep, and meaningful relationships, we are raising children alone now more than ever, and trying to build a better life for ourselves at the expense of our own lives. We are suffering alone and covering it all up with a smile. We need to give a voice to the pain and have another human soul look us deep into our eyes and say, "I hear you and I see you." That is powerful medicine. It's one of our missions to bring that sense of community to our patients and the world because this planet doesn't need the next patented anti-depressant. It needs a TRIBE. A TRIBE where love rules and people are truly seen. This world needs TRIBE MEDICINE.