Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxins both inside & outside our bodies: in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the products we use, and the environments in which we live. Whether we’re in the peak of our health or drowning in symptoms, sometimes we just need to push RESET.

After the yearly holiday marathon, we can feel extra sluggish, bloated, and frustrated with brain fog and unwanted weight gain. Resetting your body & mind might be just the thing you need to start the new year!

Tribe Medicine’s 11 day whole-food RESET CLEANSE is intended for health-motivated individuals looking to increase their vitality, strengthen their immune system, balance their hormones, and improve their digestive health to refresh, re-energize, and reset in 2019.

Dr. Leah Gordon and the Tribe Medicine team will lead you through this reset cleanse, which includes a virtual lifestyle course highlighting the biochemical nutrition of detox and anti-inflammation. You’ll receive information-packed videos, implementation guidelines, easy-to-follow steps, and practical day-by-day recipes. You will have access to the exclusive online TRIBE Facebook Group to receive support, specific health tips, and access to Dr. Gordon for questions throughout the process. Join us to refresh your diet, re-energize your detox systems, and reset your life!


  • Jan 10th - 20th, 2019

  • Enjoy from the comfort of your own home - virtual cleanse

  • 2 day PREP

  • 3 day intentional DETOX including a one day juice cleanse**

  • 6 day whole-food RESET

  • 11 days of education, guidance, inspiration, and support from Dr. Gordon and the amazing Tribe Medicine team

** Option to add on Trilogy Sanctuary’s one day juice cleanse package for simplicity

Reset Includes

  • Educational ‘Detox of the Day’ videos with Dr. Gordon packed full of information around the WHY and HOW of each component of detox

  • Simple and easy to follow resource guides for implementing the daily, practical, and effective detox practices that are paired with each ‘Detox of the Day’ theme  

  • Clear guidelines on what and how to eat for optimal detox and inflammation reduction INCLUDING specific food and prep guides, simple recipes, and a grocery shopping list

  • Access to the closed Tribe Reset Cleanse Facebook group where you can share your experiences, challenges, and wins along the way!

  • Live Facebook events with Dr. Gordon and the Tribe Medicine team

  • 15% off an initial consult with Dr. Gordon in 2019 if you wish to work with her one-on-one; a savings of $45!

  • Optional link to Dr. Gordon’s recommended supplements to enhance the detox process if you desire further support