My passion is prevention, and the key to prevention is to address imbalances before they get out of hand.

The canary in the coal mine was the sign letting everyone know danger was coming before it was in their awareness. I like addressing the canaries.

Symptoms are the language our body speaks to let us know how it is doing. If you don’t know what its trying to say, find yourself a good translator and figure it out. It may just change your life forever.


I am Dr. Gordon, a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor specializing in root-cause hormonal and sexual health. I am especially passionate about guiding women who have painful periods, low libido, or have a desire to have children someday.

I believe imbalances in our body, mind, and soul happen for specific reasons. The body speaks to us in its own unique language that we observe as symptoms or see in lab tests. Through my training and experiences, I have acquired a vast knowledge on how to maintain health and why deviations from it occur. I pull on my unique training and experiences to hear each person’s story and dig deeper to uncover what the body is trying to say. I synthesize the language of your story, symptoms, health potential, and lab results from specialized testing and translate your body’s messages into root-cause answers. Pulling on my vast toolbelt, I carefully choose specific lifestyle, dietary, mindset, and natural medicine options to craft a unique plan to help guide you toward optimal balance in body, mind, and spirit.