STEP 1: Watch this Documentary


Toxins from our environment are a major source of health concerns today. We are unfortunately exposed to a soup of chemicals in our food, water, air, in our personal care products, cleaning products and cooking and food storage products.

These toxins disrupt our hormones, cause infertility, chronic inflammation, brain deterioration and neurological symptoms, and they disrupt our microbiome and gut health.

We get to vote with our dollars and choose better products for our own health, our families, and as a collective TRIBE we can shift the economics of our planet by making healthy options the demand…supply has to follow and this is how we can start to shift the health of our planet from a grass-roots movement.

Below are a few of our favorite brands of products that we use personally and support because they are doing wonderful things in the world, they are non-toxic, and they WORK!


Step 2: Environmental Working Group

This is a third party website evaluating the toxicity in our environment and products. They have a wonderful website with great resources.


Step 3: Download the EWG App: Healthy Living


My Suggestions:

  • Scan your personal care items to assess their toxicity level. Avoid anything above a 4.

  • What you put on your skin and what you inhale ends up in your blood stream.

  • Avoid / stop using perfumes and/or cologne.

  • Avoid products with fragrance, parabens, or phthalates.

  • Avoid bleach and fragranced cleaning products, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and soap.

  • Avoid fragrance in all of your products in general, choose unscented or fragrance free. You can add smell with essential oil if you want.

These are my favorite products that I use personally and recommend to my patients!
— Dr. Gordon

makeup + Face + Body + Sunscreen






Primally Pure




Cleaning products

Seventh Generation

Branch Basics


Cooking Products

  • Step 1: Stop cooking, heating, or storing food in plastic.

  • Step 2: Switch out your cookware.

  • Step 3: Avoid Teflon non-stick cookware

    • Teflon is a very toxic chemical and should be avoided.

  • I personally use LeCreuset coated cast iron cookware and one of their non-stick frying pans for eggs.

    • Fun tip: I got my entire set almost 70% off at an outlet location. Look for deals at outlets or stores like Home Goods.