What do I mean when I say “preconception?” Conception is the moment when an egg and sperm meet to start the process of the miracle of life that results in another human being born. Preconception is the period of time, usually 3-14 months prior to conception. This is an incredible time when both partners involved have an opportunity to not only optimize their own health, but to shift the health trajectory of their family, their tribe.

Through epigenetic expression, a woman has the ability to influence the health of her daughter and granddaughter by optimizing her body, mind, and soul prior to conceiving. This is because when a woman is pregnant with a little girl, the eggs of that little girl that will become the pregnant woman’s future grandchildren are being created while she is in utero.

In addition to that, the mental, emotional, relationship, nutritional, and phsycial health of a woman prior to becoming pregnant sets her up for the trajectory of her pregnancy and post partum period. Becoming a mother can be an incredibly draiing and depleting journey. Starting a long road trip in a brand new car with a full tank of gas is going to lend itself to a much different journey than a bairley running junker car running on fumes. I truly believe that prepping for pregnancy is one of the best gifts a woman can give to herself.

Similar, men’s sperm and therefore the health of his future children, are directly influenced by his diet, the nutrients or lack of nutrients, toxins, and stressors he is exposed to in his internal and external environment. The sperm that create a baby at conception were actually made 3 months prior, so a man has an amazing opportunity to optimize his fertility and the health of his offspring in the preconception period.

I am passioante about educating and helping to guide women and couples toward optimal health at this time of their lives because those efforts result in healthier women in pregnancy, healthier babies, and happier mothers who have the energy and ability to bring healthy habits and lifestyle practices into the home after baby comes, creating a tribe that is thriving.