Libido & Sexual Health

Decreased libido is a common condition I see in my practice.

Libido can have many root causes which is why it's important to know what yours is. For some it can be hormonal imbalances, lack of specific nutrients, low functioning thyroid, low vitality from poor health, masculine and feminine imbalances with you and your partner, stress, painful intercourse, certain religious upbringings, or a history of sexual abuse. 

Once we understand your specific root-causes, a holistic and targeted treatment plan helps shift the imbalances allowing you to heal so that you feel sexy, alive, and vital! 

I personally have suffered from low libido from many of the above root-causes so this one is near and dear to my heart. I love being able to help women with this imbalance and bring more awareness to it in the medical space.

Preconception & fertility

If you are:

1. Thinking about getting pregnant within the next 2-5 years

2. Wanting to conceive within the year

3. Are having difficulty conceiving now

...there are many things we can do to make you, your pregnancy, and the health of your baby optimal. 

It is never too early to start preparing your body to be a beautiful vessel to create life. 

Pregnancy is a sacred time. The health of a woman months to YEARS prior to conception can impact the health of their baby as much as the health of the mom during this time.

Environmental toxicity from your personal care products as well as the outside environment, anxiety, depression, poor diet choices, digestive issues, sexual trauma, and overall lower vitality can all be addressed and improved prior to conception. These factors also often help you with conceiving a baby naturally. The gift of health at this time of your life heals not only you, but your future generations through the positive epigenetic shifts you will make on this healing journey. 

Women in particular have the ability to greatly influence the health of our future tribes with their choices, emotions, and mind-sets. The impact of a healthy and empowered preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum period on the health of the TRIBE is the inspiration behind the name: Tribe Medicine.