Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety, depression, grief, and overwhelm can all be debilitating conditions. Anxiety and depression, in particular, can be rooted in emotional or physical causes. Our diet, digestive health, toxin exposure, nutrient depletions, and blood sugar control can all impact our mood. For others, situations from our past or anticipation about the future can cause us to be "stuck" in a certain energy or pattern.

In addition to testing and uncovering any physical or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your particular mood imbalance, I am also specially trained in one of the most powerful and non-invasive treatments for mental / emotional imbalances. This therapy is called Classical Homeopathy and it helps to shift us out of a particular energetic state that are no longer serving us.

If I feel that homeopathy is appropriate, I perform a homeopathic intake. Through very thorough and in-depth investigation, I am trained to find the specific remedy unique to each of my patient's cases. When they take their well-matched remedy, it helps shift their state and it is one of the quickest and most permanent natural therapies for anxiety and depression. It works similarly to noise cancelation headphones; two similar frequencies cancel each other out...that is how we experience the absence of noise and that is how homeopathy heals.

This therapy is completely individualized for each patient and it works on the epigenetic level shifting gene expression as well as bringing quick relief.