How often has your doctor asked about your sex drive? How often do you talk about your sex drive at all? If you said not often, I am not surprised as it is not usually at the top of the conversation when out with friends and many doctors don’t see it as a serious medical condition so it gets very little attention.

I however, think it is incredibly important. As many of my passions in medicine have evolved out of my own healing journey, low libido is no different. I know first hand what it is like to want to want it in a committed relationship with a man that I love fiercely. I understand the frustration, pain, and relationship challenges this imbalance can bring. And I have also spent the last decade of my life unraveling the root-causes behind why it happens in women.

As with many of the imbalances I treat, there are often many root-causes. From birth control, multiple hormonal imbalances, stress, trauma, pain, masculine and feminine imbalances, long-term relationship desire decline, and lack of presence and knowing ourselves, there is a plethora of reasons for why your lovely libido may have packed her bags and left.

Similarly with painful periods, another condition I am passionate about treating, this is a symptom highlighting something that is off in the body, mind, or relationship. If not dealt with, it can spiral into other imbalances in your health and your life. I am incredibly passionate about this topic and I love working with women and couples to solve the root-cause and boost that lovely libido we all are worthy of having.