The Law of Similars

Homeopathy is a unique system of treating patients that has direct impact on shifting the epigenetics of a person. While working at the quantum level, homeopathy can be used to help cure both physical and emotional ailments. It is based on a system of science that has been observing human symptoms and behavior for over two centuries. The phenomenon of homeopathy is called the Law of Similars, or it can be translated to "like cures like." It works like this: if you ingest a substance such as ipecac, you will most likely vomit in a very specific and particular way. This has been observed time and time again in history when this agent was given to patients as a purgative to induce vomiting due to poison ingestion. If a patient who has not taken ipecac presents to the emergency room with severe vomiting that looks very similar to what happens when someone takes ipecac, their symptoms of vomiting will likely subside if they are given a homeopathic, or diluted dose, of ipecac. In this way, symptoms that appear similar to those that are caused by a particular agent when given in large amounts are actually helped by a diluted dose of that same substance. This is the phenomenon of the Law of Similars which we utilize to our advantage in treating patients with homeopathy.