What makes me different is I take the time to hear your unique story, I am trained to dig and investigate the root causes of your concerns, and I work with you to help you heal holistically.

How do you treat patients?

I am trained as a primary care provider as well as a specialist in integrative medicine. This allows me to cast a large net over my patients' overall health pictures and through in-depth medical and lifestyle intakes, physical exams, and specialized lab testing, I am able to go deeper into the root causes of their health issues. I am trained to speak and integrate many different medical and healing languages and can synthesize them all to provide unique and individualized treatment plans that are a blend of many different modalities. My top tools of choice are herbal medicine, homeopathy, targeted nutritional supplementation and nutritional plans, and lifestyle interventions and education, although I have a vast array of additional tools in my tool-belt. 

In my unique practice I make custom herbal medicine specific to my patient’s concerns. I may also prescribe homeopathy, one of the most individualized, powerful, and effective forms of natural medicine we have today.

What are your areas of focus? 

I don’t treat “diseases” per se, but the types of patients who come to see me are often struggling with hormonal imbalances resulting in menstrual irregularities, infertility, hot flashes, fatigue, or an inability to lose weight. I have a deep understanding of the thyroid and how our body's hormonal systems are interconnected with our brains and our digestive tracts. Many of my patients have digestive concerns and this is often the root cause of many other issues in the body, often directly correlated to autoimmune processes. Ideally we catch autoimmune imbalances such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Irritable Bowel Disease before they become full blown conditions that can be debilitating for many people, especially women. A vast majority of my patients suffer from anxiety and depression, and homeopathy is one of the most powerful tools I utilize to treat these conditions. My deep passion though, is pregnancy preparation, preconception, and fertility care. We can have such a powerful impact at this time in a woman’s life on the epigenetics of our future children, and if we are able to have healthier women and men prior to conception, it will have a ripple effect on the health of our entire tribe, hence the name: Tribe Medicine. 

My passion is healing, inspiring, and educating women. I see this as the ultimate root-cause of healing our planet. Healthy women create healthy children and ideas, and together we are a powerful force for good on Earth!

Tell us more about how you practice

We all have a story. I see healing as a process that starts with hearing your unique journey, peeling back the layers, identifying imbalances, creating an environment for health, and holding space for it all to unfold. We are what we eat, we are what we think, we are partly our genetics, partly our traumas, we have brains and intestines and hormones and hearts. We respond to energy, we respond to our tribe, everything is connected, and it's all important. We are the products of our lives and of our stories. To ignore one aspect is to ignore a part of ourselves. My specialty is recognizing you as a complex and integrated being, considering all of the pieces rather than segmenting you into an organ or a disease. I don't treat diseases, I treat people. 

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