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Dr. Gordon is an expert in root-cause medicine, dedicated to uncovering the sources of hormonal, gut, and sex drive imbalances. She is passionate about empowering motivated women to create a thriving and healthful life so they may bring their beautiful gifts into this world.

She especially loves supporting women prior to pregnancy so that they are optimal and their future babies, families, and communities benefit from their health and lifestyle practices.


Dr. Cerra is an expert when it comes to combining evidence based natural therapies with conventional medicine as she works with patients to help them reach their optimal health goals. She holds a strong care for mental health and women’s medicine with an area of expertise in pediatric care and is committed to helping her patients feel their absolute best so they can live out their dreams without health being an obstacle.

She is passionate about providing patient-centered individualized care in each of her visits. Utilizing the least invasive therapy, teaching her patients about their health, treating the whole person through integrating mind-body-spirit, all while focusing on disease prevention, she is excited to be a part of your journey to wellness!