Clean Slate Cleanse

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Ready to CLEAN up your new year?

Join Tribe Medicine at Trilogy for the #CleanSlateCleanse workshop series starting Jan 11, 2018!


Dr. Leah Gordon will lead you through this educational, interactive, & supportive 18-day detox to energize, refresh, & revitalize the new you in the new year! Join us to discover the magic of holistic root-cause health.

Overview of the Cleanse 

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Education and Support




Detox Supplements

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Clean food + Life

Clean Slate Cleanse Package

 ~ 18 Day Holistic Cleanse 

~ Three Doctor-Led Workshops at Trilogy

- Jan 11th, 21st, and 28th

~ Online 'Cleanse Your SPACE' Program

~ Whole Food Eating Guide with Recipes 

~ Medical-Grade Detox Supplements

~ 1 Vitamin B12 Injection 

~ 3 Trilogy Detox Elixirs 

~ 18% OFF Initial Consult with Dr. Gordon 

Total Price: $180


During the Cleanse, You Will...



Foundations for Health

LEARN how to support the body’s organs of elimination & how to cleanse your body holistically, safely, and naturally.



Whole Food nutrition Plan

FOLLOW Dr. Gordon’s digestible food guide with scrumptious recipes and clear recommendations on which foods to avoid. 



Mind~Body~Spirit Re-Set

EXPLORE the power of positive practices to re-set the areas of self-love, self-talk, relationships, & gratitude, + create positive affirmations for the new year!




Cleanse Your SPACe

Experience the importance of your SPACE -- Sanctuary, Products, Air, Chemicals, Energy -- and how these factors may be affecting your health.



Detox Elixirs

Support your body with 3 specially formulated detox elixirs from the Trilogy Cafe during the three in-person workshops.



Vitamin b12 shot

Receive an extra boost with a complementary vitamin B-12 injection to stimulate detox pathways! 

SAVE on your HEALTH!

In honor of 2018, cleanse participants will receive

18% off a new patient consult with Dr. Gordon! ~SAVE over $50~

"Make this the year to put you and your health first."