Affirmism is a tool that blends the practice of positive affirmations with brain entrainment to shift your mind into a positive state of being.

Humans have anywhere from 12,000-60,000 thoughts a day! Some studies claim 80% of those are negative. And where does our entire experience of life take place?
In our mind.

What is Affirmism?

Affirmism is a tool by which to shift your mind into a positive state of being. First and foremost, you get to become aware of your thoughts. Then practice shifting them.

This allows you to change the experience of your life by changing your thoughts & beliefs about it. It’s positive mental support to break free of the negative thoughts that have enslaved you—to work through healing emotional wounds, recover the freedom & joy that’s inborn, & restore your spirit to its true state—a state of gratitude—to reclaim your power, purpose, and positivity. Through brain entrainment & shifting those 60,000-some odd thoughts from fear-scarcity to love-abundance about yourself, others, and your environment, you regain alignment with the loving light being that you are. You BE abundant and prosperous, you DO what calls to your soul, and you HAVE trust in this knowing of limitless possibilities to experience life in its truest, most fulfilling form.


When you shift from “wanting” to change your life, to deciding to change your life, your life changes. The decision is easy. If not now, when?
— Sadie Ackerman